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20 Mar 2020
What makes you feel connected with animals? Their innocence, isn’t it? Are you an animal lover? If yes, then you must be crazy to explore new animals and their destination to learn more about their lives and their habitat. Let us talk about Gorillas, because this a special category of animal which is very much connected to human genes. Huge in size and fearful in look wise, Gorilla has its own impression over the world. Few people say Gorillas are wild, because they have seen in some movies, but the reality is very different in perception. Gorillas are very friendly and they love to connect with human without harming them in any certain way.

Gorillas not a scary monster-

Gorillas are not a scary monster, but people feel like same for them because of jumbo size. In real life, the Gorillas connect very easily with the human and enjoy the company for a little time being. This creature can be best judged by choosing Gorilla safaris which takes you the homeland of Gorillas to learn more about them and understand their lives. The nature facts of the Gorillas are-

• Gentle
• Peaceful
• Harmless vegetarians

Gorillas draw human attention in large scale because of their acts and copying human acts. The Gorillas are very friendly in nature, if you really step ahead assuring to do no harm.

Best destinations for Gorillas-

East Africa is a top destination as for gorilla tours, and the most chosen destinations with a maximum population of the Gorillas are; Uganda, Rawanda and Congo. Adventure tour Uganda is known for mountain Gorilla tour. Mountain Gorillas are a bit different from usual gorillas in their size and features. Mountain Gorillas are a bit more huge than usual one, but this specie is now an endangered species. Trip of these destinations means you have to make your way through forests, terrains and pass through Gorilla families. The Gorillas never remain alone in the forest, they always remain in the crowd of their family and this gives you a chance to study about their daily dwelling and habitat.

Plan your safari to Gorilla homeland-

‘Africa Adventure Vacations’ gives you best planned Gorilla tour package to explore and help Gorillas from getting extinction as a fund to raise their numbers. This Gorilla safari surely brings you a fun, excitement and lots more to learn about forests and the animals living in the forests and enjoying their daily life with their families.


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