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11 Mar 2020
Gorilla and their homeland, it is one of the most important topics to understand deeply as there are basically two different kinds of Gorillas. The western lowland and another one is mountain Gorilla. East Africa is a chosen destination, giving an opportunity of gorilla safari and gorilla tracking for western lowland gorilla which is in the Congo and mountain Gorillas which is in Uganda and Rwanda. Around 790 gorillas exist in the forests of Africa and you can explore the best wildlife safari of your life which is exclusive Gorilla safari and Gorilla trekking destinations. Purely wild, and living place of Gorillas makes the entire wildlife a demanding charm to visit and explore the forest.

About Rwanda Gorillas-

Rwanda is a small and beautiful country in Africa, also known as the country of Gorillas. Here a special kind of mountain Gorillas is densely populated in the forests and you can make a trip to this forest to explore these mountain Gorillas. Rwanda has its own pleasure and beautiful scenic destination which makes Rwanda a beautiful destination to visit and explore the beautiful forests, terrains and mountains. Wildlife tours in Rwanda are an amazing tour safari for the people who really want to enjoy the wildlife experience and breathtaking view of Rwanda tour destinations which are basically, terrains and forests.

Best time to plan for Gorilla safari-

Like every tourist destination and wildlife expedition has their own best time, the same is for Gorilla safaris in Uganda. It is advisable to choose Gorilla safari mostly during dry season; which as per season in Africa suggests June to September and December to February. During this season time, the terrains are not slippery and you may avoid an accident or any kind of mishaps which are very common in the forests. For a gorilla trekking and adventure, a proper permit is always required as a kind of registration of the travelers. The mountain Gorillas are giant in size and are very much similar to human activities. It is worth watching, mountain Gorillas to enjoy the best of Gorilla safari and Gorilla trekking.

Best places to explore for Gorilla-

Tour companies in Uganda offer several Gorilla destinations like; Uganda, Rwanda, Tangenia, and several other Gorilla destinations. You can also plan for other wildlife safari packages in other zones of Africa to enjoy the best of African Gorilla as well African animals. Spend some precious with your camera in the destination of wild animals.


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